List of Higher Diploma and Equivalent Programmes under Interim Recognition Status with first implementation from Intake year 2012 as at 5 June 2020 (Sydney Accord)

Hong Kong College of Technology

Programme(s) Interim Recognition Status for intakes years
HD in Computer Studies (2-year FT) 2012-2014


General Notes:

* The HKIE adopts the "Intake year" basis, i.e. a programme is accredited up to the students intake of a particular year, normally in the September of that year.
HD = Higher Diploma
FT = Full time mode
PT = Part time mode
PTE = Part time evening mode
PTD = Part time day mode
Provisional = Accredited provisionally until the first cohort of graduates. Full accreditation will be considered following a full visit afterwards.



Interim Recognition Status is granted to all New Higher Diploma or equivalent programmes under "3-3-4" education system implemented from 2012. Interim Recognition Status enjoys all the rights and privileges equal to an accreditation status.



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