List of Computer Science Programmes under Interim Recognition Status with first implementation from Intake year 2012 as at 27 November 2013 (Seoul Accord)

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Programme(s) Interim Recognition Status for intake year
BSc (Hons) Degree in Geomatics (Geo-Information Technology) (FT) 2012 - 2015


General Notes:

* The HKIE adopts the "Intake year" basis, i.e. a programme is accredited up to the students intake of a particular year, normally in the September of that year.
FT = Full time mode
PT = Part time mode
SW = Sandwich mode
Provisional = Accredited provisionally until the first cohort of graduates. Full accreditation will be considered following a full visit afterwards.
*** The HKIE accredits all computer science programmes in accordance with the Accreditation Criteria for Computer Science Programmes which intends to meet the standards of the Seoul Accord. Programmes may carry different titles but the same outcomes standards are required to be observed.


(1) Interim Recognition Status is granted to all computer science programmes under "3-3-4" education system implemented from 2012. Interim Recognition Status enjoys all the rights and privileges equal to an accreditation status.



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