HKIE Articles
HKIE Articles
01/01/2024 The Moment of Engineering Evolution – The HKIE YMC Overseas Delegation 2023 to Germany (By YMC)
03/07/2023 Engineering Education – The Importance of Learning from Failure (By BS Division)
02/02/2023 3D打印技術突破紡織界限 (By MI Division)
02/12/2022 電機電子工程業要人!港燈電機工程師話你知有咩出路 (By Secretariat)
05/10/2022 構築宏大願景 推動香港發展 (By Secretariat)
11/07/2022 【行業動態】卓越結構大獎2022 (by Structural Division)
20/06/2022 Project Highlights from the Fire Engineering Excellence Awards 2022 (by Fire Division)
19/05/2022 創新能源項目 - 改善室內空氣質素的乾燥劑抽濕系統 (by Gas & Energy Division)
22/04/2022 安全監督員 管控風險重溝通 (by Safety Specialist Committee)
14/04/2022 Engineering Net Zero Transition (by Environmental Division)
28/03/2022 Building Services Engineers – To Build and to Serve (by Building Services Division)
24/02/2022 Digital Applications in Site Safety Management (by Safety Specialist Committee)
09/02/2022 Powering the New Normal (by Electrical Division)
03/01/2022 The Role of Electronics Engineers – Their Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (By Electronics Division)
03/11/2021 Latest update on smart city development in Hong Kong (By Electronics Division)
30/07/2021 工程師之路 由STEM起步 (by Building Services Division)
15/07/2021 香港工程師學會岩土分部第一位女主席Maureen:主動的態度才是最重要 (by Geotechnical Division)
04/06/2021 爆破工程 挑戰與重任 (by Geotechnical Division)
16/04/2021 升降機工程 晉升前景亮麗 (by Building Services Division)
12/04/2021 STEM Education and development of engineering identity
05/04/2021 Challenging + Interesting career of a fire engineer – Who are they? (by Fire Division)
29/03/2021 Medical Device Realisation from a Concept (by Biomedical Division)
22/03/2021 Application of Building Information Modelling (BIM) (by Building Services Division)
12/03/2021 建設項目持續 工程就業 看高一線 (interviewed by Recruit)
27/01/2021 Lift Modernisation - The First Step of Optimising Safety and Energy Saving (By Building Services Division)
22/12/2020 Together we move goods and people in a smarter way (By Logistics & Transportation Division)
01/12/2020 電機工程師解說生活中電力:「電機工程設計融合不少創新科技﹗」
18/11/2020 The Path towards Medical Physicist in Hong Kong (By Nuclear Division)
01/10/2020 隧道工程師冷門卻不愁出路 助理隧道工程師細說為何迷上隧道 (interviewed by JobsDB)
01/09/2020 核子工程系畢業生有何出路?看似冷門實質涉獵範疇廣 觸及醫療行業 (By Nuclear Dvision)
24/08/2020 Effective Implementation of Building Energy Management in Mega-sized Properties Portfolio (By Building Services Division)
20/08/2020 STEM Education - Future Trend, Progress, Opportunities & Challenges
23/07/2020 The Roles of Stakeholders in Buildings with Performance-based Designs
23/04/2020 Renewable Applications in Hong Kong
31/03/2020 Decarbonisation – The one and only ticket for an engineer
20/03/2020 Job Experience Sharing in Electrical Engineering
18/03/2020 Clinical Engineering in Hospitals
28/02/2020 From a kid to an engineer
03/12/2019 5G世代
06/09/2019 President Ir Ringo Yu - Dedication to nurturing future engineering leaders
10/12/2018 The vision of young environmental engineers
02/11/2018 The Future of Engineering Profession
30/07/2018 Naval architect – A profession for the serious professionals!
06/06/2018 智慧工程跨世代 — 鼓勵女性投身工程專業
17/05/2018 智慧工程跨世代 — 粵港澳大灣區
25/04/2018 智慧工程跨世代 — 建築信息模擬技術
10/04/2018 程心E重 薪火相傳-一個電機工程師的日常
07/12/2017 What does a biochemical engineer do?
24/11/2017 建築材料試驗技術員做D乜?
03/11/2017 What Qualities Make a Successful Electrical Engineer?
20/10/2017 Mini-store – A Risk Assessment with Fire Safety Provision Approach
11/09/2017 Building on a love of learning and knowledge sharing: President Ir Thomas Chan
03/08/2017 Staying Ahead of the Field: The Importance of Soft Skills in Engineering
30/06/2017 Construction Industry: Opportunities for Civil Engineers
05/04/2017 屋宇裝備工程師係一份咩職業?
16/12/2016 環境工程師有得做
04/11/2016 Logistics and Transportation Industry: Driving Your Career Forward
11/08/2016 Seizing Opportunities Beyond Hong Kong's Shores: President Ir Joseph Choi
24/06/2016 Female Engineers – Myths and Facts Explained
29/04/2016 “How is it made?” - Paving the way for our youngsters to become entrepreneurs
12/06/2015 Embracing my development at CEDD
05/06/2015 Practising and studying the art of partnering: Ir Ken Chan
19/05/2015 A Career Protecting Life, Property and Business
08/04/2015 Control, Automation and Instrumentation Technology: The essential element of the industry
26/03/2015 Keeping Hong Kong and the World Flying
26/03/2015 Paving Our Youngsters to Green Engineers
03/03/2015 7 Classes of HKIE Membership
29/12/2014 香港工程師學會 致力為本地培育更多飛機工程專才
17/12/2014 Experience sharing on career building!
03/11/2014 A Summer with Your Closest Strangers
06/10/2014 Biomedical Engineering - from Vision to Reality<
19/09/2014 Finding the right ingredients for a successful career: Ir Victor Cheung
03/09/2014 About The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
03/09/2014 Classes of Membership of HKIE
03/09/2014 How to Become an Engineer
03/09/2014 What Engineering is All About
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