Dear members

July—my first month as the HKIE’s President—had been truly rewarding. Looking over my schedule for the next few weeks, I can say that August will promise to be another engaging and productive month.

I have mentioned before that membership growth will be one of our major goals in this Session. Student Members, with their rejuvenating effects on the Institution, would naturally be high on our list of priorities, and we wish to bring as many of them into our midst as we could. With the first meeting (on 2 August) of the Organising Committee of our Student Membership Promotion Campaign, we will finally get down to real work and transform our ideas into tangible results. Consisting of both experienced members and young ones like former Protégés, the Committee is ideally suited to our purpose and reassures me that our success is on the horizon.

After what is in store for us on the very next day (3 August), students will have extra reasons for joining us. I am referring to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Signing Ceremony with Vocation Training Council (VTC) at 工程薈 EngHub. With this MOU, VTC’s training courses in BIM will satisfy the Institution’s BIM Accreditation requirements. On the same occasion, announcements will also be made about the establishment of a Professional Certification Mechanism to certify our members’ qualifications in emerging specialised areas like BIM, EIA, and Stage Engineering, as well as CIC’s recognition of our BIM Accreditation Programme.

But no matter how much good our planned initiatives will do for the profession, their outreach and impact will still be limited without the media’s help in spreading the message for us. That is why we will be holding a media gathering, again at EngHub, on 8 August to acquaint media representatives with my year plan for the Session and the Institution’s new STEAM education promotion programmes. Special emphasis will be laid on how we can help young engineers to “Be the Change” in pursuing a more adventurous career and shaping a brighter tomorrow for Hong Kong.

One of the ways in which young engineers can act more adventurously is by learning what engineers elsewhere are up to. I hope I will be setting the trend when, on 12 August, I lead a group of 40 young engineers (all under 35) on an educational visit to Guangdong Provincial Association for Science and Technology.  The purpose of the visit, apart from simply intellectual exchange with Mainland professionals, is to keep abreast of the latest development of the engineering projects and the applications of environmental technologies there.

Besides leading engineers through their early career by the hand, something must also be done to guide those who are not yet an engineer towards becoming one—in other words, to help our youth at an even earlier stage. It is therefore with deep satisfaction that I inform you that the Launching Ceremony of the Consolidated STEAM Promotion Scheme of 「回母校」, 「一校一工程師」, 「工程先鋒」, 「學校大使」計劃 will take place on 18 August at EngHub. There and then, Aberdeen Technical School (my alma mater, if you do not already know) and Sau Mau Ping Catholic Primary School will be signing a Charter of Cooperation with us.

Exactly a week later, at the same venue, there will be yet another Launching Ceremony—this time for HKIE Members’ Benefits Scheme. Also accessible through Facebook live, the Ceremony presents an opportunity for us to express our gratitude to all the participating commercial entities by presenting them with certificates of appreciation. My deepest conviction being that any comprehensive plan to enhance member services will not do without member benefits, it is a rather nice touch to conclude my work in August on this note.

Being the HKIE’s President means having a lifestyle that is sometimes unbearably hectic. Yet the rewards are tenfold. The responsibilities are heavy, but the opportunity to lead an organisation I care about and to serve its members makes it all worthwhile.

Ir Dr Barry LEE Chi-hong