Dear Members

Time flies. 

This will be my final message as President to my fellow members.  A journey steeper than usual; but most memorable.

As we wrap up another successful Session, I am filled with gratitude for each and every one of you.  Your unwavering support and dedication to the HKIE over the “year” have been the driving force behind our achievements, and I cannot thank you enough for your contributions, ideas, and passion for engineering.

Our theme for this year was "Proud to Be Engineers”, a message that was also engraved on the pin that I sent to you all.  I wish you all will continue wearing it, bearing in mind the big message that this small token carries.  And this spirit has been truly embodied in all our activities in the Session.  The Hong Kong Engineers Week 2023  event was a massive success, attracting over 20,000 visitors and participants from both the engineering and, more importantly, the public domains.  We have showcased how engineering impacts every aspect of our lives, and I believe this has helped inspire the next generation of engineers, as well as their parents and teachers.  The event featured engaging competitions, carnival, exhibition, conference, and fundraising cycling and run.  The scale of this publicity event is unprecedented for the Institution.  I am beyond thrilled with the support and sponsorship we received to overcome all the challenges, and trust that this event designed to leave a lasting and positive impression of engineers among the community has accomplished its job.  To maintain the momentum and impact of this event, I appeal you would stay tuned for the HKEW 2024 and be generous in your support for it.

Our new theme song, "傲程", produced by our young engineers, is a testament to the dedication of engineers through the multi-disciplinary engineering projects showcased in the music video.  We wish to remind the fellow engineers, and the public, that we, engineers, have always been playing a vital role to empower the city’s development and daily running for the benefit of everyone.  While we tend to stay humble most of the time, we should also take pride in our own profession, and be confident in getting the credit we deserve.  We shall have no hesitation in showcasing to the community our excellent work, which forms 99% of the total as opposed to the 1% (or even less) of imperfections that managed to get on the front page.

This year, we also began to strengthen our outreach programmes via digital and social media platforms, and introduced KOL Hally, who will be more involved in future activities of the Institution.  Concluding our first video campaign “What Do Engineers Do?”, we have sustained our effort with the new series “十載•工情".  It is our aim to tell the public what an engineering career in the first decade is like. 

To foster greater visibility of the Institution and the engineering profession, we have dealt with more than 100 media enquiries and interviews, issued over 20 press releases, and conducted two press conferences on engineering related topics.

Talks featured prominently in our effort to trawl future talents, such as the one at Imperial College, the “Talk of the Metropolis” and various career talks at Universities and secondary schools.  But apart from these, in collaboration with the Education Bureau, we created the "Engineers on Campus 工程伴理行" programme and have matched schools with engineer buddies to engage with teachers, parents, and students, to promote STEAM activities and provide career guidance.  We have had about 50 schools participating at the moment, and our vision is to achieve “One School One Engineer”.  The HKIE requires your strong support to make this accomplished.  For university and tertiary institution students, I am delighted to have talked to students of all five universities (that offer engineering programme) and some secondary schools during school visits and career fairs that we organised in collaboration with different institutions and industry partners.  I reassured the undergraduates that they have chosen the most correct decision in following the career path of a most noble profession with a promising future.

To better prepare the engineering profession for the golden[1] but challenging[2] opportunities in the upcoming decades, we produced three reports in 2022, including the 3rd one on “Recommendations on Streamlining Building Works and Infrastructure Development Processes” published in September 2022.  These reports depicted the important areas that the Administration and the engineering /industry shall address to accomplish the blueprint drawn up for Hong Kong.  New Industralisation and Innovation & Technology arena are always on our radar.  We recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Cyberport on the fast-tracking arrangements for their “entrepreneurship programme” to assist our young members in pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams.  

The above are just some of the initiatives in this session.  More can be found in the annual report for the AGM which is now available for viewing on the ebookshelf in the Member Login Area.

As I look back on these achievements, I am proud to say that we have made great strides in building bridges between the engineering and non-engineering communities, sowing the seeds of inspiration in the minds of the next generation of engineers, and strengthening the foundation for the future of engineering in Hong Kong. 

It is you, dear fellow members, who placed me in this leadership position as the HKIE’s President.  And you will always occupy a strong and permanent position in the heart of my future services.  In closing, I want to thank you all once again for the support in all these few years.  As a final favour, I appeal you all to continue supporting the HKIE and our incoming President, Ir Dr Barry Lee, in even greater endeavour.  Let’s continue to stay together and be dedicated to our profession, and I am certain that our “Spirit Bomb” will grow and make stronger positive impacts on the profession and our society.  I look forward to another year of progress, growth, and innovation as we continue to engineer the future of Hong Kong.

Thank you!

Ir Aaron BOK Kwok-ming

[1] we will have over HK$300B worth of construction works each year
[2] we short successors