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Biomedical Engineering is one of the fastest growing engineering disciplines today in the world. The Biomedical Division of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE-BMD) was established in 1989, with the biomedical discipline also formed in 2005. This young engineering discipline in Hong Kong is expected to bring bright prospects in medical innovations to the local society, addressing the needs due to increasing health consciousness, raising elderly population and lacking of medical professionals.

Biomedical engineers are the key contributors to close the gap between engineering and medicine by applying engineering know-how, medical and biological sciences knowledge to healthcare applications, including diagnosis, monitoring and therapy. Biomedical engineers are often the leaders in the engineering project team to manage the process that translates innovative ideas to viable medical technologies. They are the best partners of medical professionals to provide value-added supports to the growth of healthcare industry and to ultimately enhance the overall healthcare quality in the community.  

To support the growth of the biomedical engineering discipline and the sustainable development of the medical and healthcare industry, HKIE-BMD would like to give the public a better grasp of the engineering principles that support the medical technology innovation through the InnoCarnival 2014 at the Hong Kong Science Park during 1-9 November 2014 and the Biomedical Engineering International Conference 2014 at the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) during 4-6 December 2014.

HKIE-BMD Exhibition Booth at InnoCarnival 2014

The exhibition booth of HKIE-BMD at the InnoCarnival will include an interactive game named “Amazing Tools Developed by Biomedical Engineers”. This is a digital fun game aimed to educate players with innovative technologies developed by biomedical engineers and to raise public interests on different engineering principles. If you are interested in learning how computer science, chemical engineering, tissue engineering, materials science, electronic engineering and mechanical engineering could be applied in medical applications, please visit the booth and participate in this interactive game.

Biomedical Engineering International Conference 2014

On top of the InnoCarnival 2014, another flagship event would be the Biomedical Engineering International Conference 2014 (BME2014) jointly organized by HKIE-BMD and HKPC with the Conference theme "The Future of Biomedical Engineering - from Vision to Reality”. The BME conference series has been a biennial converging point of biomedical professionals of different regions, disciplines and research foci since 1992. Since the establishment of the Biomedical Discipline in HKIE, the status and recognition of biomedical engineers in Hong Kong are continuously increasing. Local biomedical engineers have been actively supporting the research and development (R&D), regulation affairs and safety compliance, making Hong Kong and BME2014 the most timely platform for information exchange. 

BME2014 composes of 3-day scientific presentations and medical software training workshops, serves as a platform for the biomedical engineers, researchers, regulators, industrialists and healthcare professionals to exchange the latest information and achievements. Presentation topics cover from laboratory research, clinical application to regulatory affairs, facilitating the idea exchange on the new advancement of R&D and a wide spectrum of medical device industrial related topics, allowing further promotion of the professional sectors in the biomedical engineering field. If you would like to participate in this meaningful conference, please feel free to visit the Conference website: and register now!

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