Getting Started with HKIE

The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers was initially founded in Hong Kong in 1947 as The Engineering Society of Hong Kong to promote the professional standing, interests and technical standards of local engineers across a broad spectrum of engineering specialisations.  Ever since, the Society had been advancing its members’ professional and social involvement as it flourished.  It was then incorporated in 1975 as the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers under the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Ordinance, Chapter 1105 of the Laws of Hong Kong—as the city itself went through decades of phenomenal growth in areas of infrastructure, industrial and social development with engineers playing their pivotal roles during such process. 


The HKIE first started off in 1975 with about 2,000 members, and until now, the number of members far exceeds 30,000. Through these years, the Institution has established various engineering disciplines to diversify and intensify our contributions to the development of Hong Kong.  In 1982, the Corporate Members of the HKIE are recognised by the Hong Kong Government for civil service, marking a significant milestone for the development of the engineering profession. 


The engineering professionals of Hong Kong have been evolving with the time as the HKIE continues to assert its driving force. Responding to and foreseeing technological advancements in a myriad of engineering disciplines, new Divisions have been – and will be –established by the HKIE to cater to the needs of members and society.  Now, the HKIE proudly boasts in total 22 highly professional and specialised Disciplines and 19 Divisions to serve our members and the community.

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