Continuing Professional Development

The HKIE CPD Definition
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of relevant knowledge and skills, and the development of these qualities necessary for successfully carrying out professional duties throughout an engineer's career. It aims at enhancing individualworth, and thus corporate performance.

General Scope and Format of CPD
CPD covers matters of direct technical relevance as well as broader studies that are important to HKIE members to further their careers. These include professional ethics, communication, environmental matters, financial management, leadership skills, legal aspects, marketing, and occupational safety and health.

The format of CPD activities includes, but not limited to, participating in and organising courses, lectures, seminars/symposia, conferences, presentations, workshops, industrial attachment and visits, e-learning and professional activities. These may be provided by the HKIE, the engineering profession, and a variety of other organisations.

Some modules in postgraduate degree programmes may be helpful towards the trainees’ professional development and may match the HKIE CPD criteria.


Approval of CPD
For candidate who is not yet a Corporate Member or Associate Member, his/her Engineering Supervisor (ES) or a Responsible Person (RP) is responsible for endorsing the CPD activities. The ES or RP must assess the candidate and be satisfied that he/she has learned the skills or has met the objectives of the CPD activity attended, and agree that the activity falls under the specified category. The record should also indicate whether the activity was organized in-house.


Candidate applying for his/her Corporate Membership or Associate Membership requires proof of endorsement by his/her ES or RP in the CPD Log Book. However, members are welcome to use the online CPD logbook service, which is available in the Members’ login area of the HKIE website.

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