19 June 2019
香港工程師學會第45屆會長余錫萬工程師 教澤廣被 源遠流長 The 45th HKIE President Ir Ringo Yu Shek-man Knowledge Transfer・Our Commitment for the Future

(香港,2019年6月19日) 香港工程師學會 (下稱「學會」) 欣然公布余錫萬工程師於2019年6月18日舉行的第44屆會員周年大會上榮任第45屆會長,而上任會長一職由陳國璋工程師擔任。




余會長闡述「教澤廣被 源遠流長」將會是學會本年度的主題。他強調在香港內外推廣工程專業,是學會其中一項重點工作,並會繼續致力培養年青人對工程專業的興趣。他期望讓年青會員能多參與其中,協助籌劃有效吸引年青人的活動。余會長於周年大會上提到:「會員的積極參與,能促進交流、互動和分享,對推動追求優質工程和專業發展尤為關鍵。」






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香港工程師學會第45屆會長余錫萬工程師 (右) 與上任會長陳國璋工程師 (左)


1. 余錫萬工程師簡歷
2. 2019/2020年度理事會名單



(Hong Kong, 19 June 2019) The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (The HKIE) is pleased to announce the installation of Ir Ringo Yu Shek-man as the 45th President for Session 2019/2020 at The HKIE 44th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 18 June 2019. Ir Thomas Chan Kwok-cheung is the Immediate Past President.


President Ir Yu is dedicated to working hand in hand with members to achieve their common goals for the benefit and advancement of the Institution, the engineering profession, and the community.


In his speech, Ir Yu stated that “Knowledge Transfer・Our Commitment for the Future” will be the theme for the Institution for the year ahead. He emphasised that promoting engineering within and beyond Hong Kong is one of the core missions of the Institution, and he would strive to continue cultivating the younger generations’ interest in the profession, particularly through engaging young members of the Institution to develop effective measures towards the youngsters. “Members’ engagement in the Institution’s activities is important in facilitating networking, interaction and sharing, which are key to fostering a culture of pursuing engineering excellence and professional development,” Ir Yu added.


With his extensive professional experience, strong commitment and enthusiasm in serving the profession, Ir Yu is well positioned in representing and leading the HKIE to sustain excellence, particularly in sharing his professional experience with members and the public, enabling better understanding of the engineering profession among different stakeholders.


Ir Dr Yuen Pak-leung and Ir Edwin K F Chung were successfully re-elected as the Vice Presidents. Ir Aaron K M Bok was elected Vice President for this Session on the day of AGM. The five new Elected Ordinary Members of the Council are Ir Mandy M Y Leung, Ir Leung Yiu-hong, Ir Prof Eric S C Ma, Ir Michelle M S Tang and Ir Tang Whai-tak. Please refer to the attached list of all Council Members of the HKIE for Session 2019/2020.


For enquiries, please contact:
The Corporate Communications Section of the HKIE
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Email : corpcom@hkie.org.hk


Self Photos / Files - pic-0619-1
The 45th President of the HKIE, Ir Ringo Yu Shek-man (right) and the Immediate Past President, Ir Thomas Chan Kwok-cheung (left)


1. Biography of Ir Ringo Yu Shek-man
2. Full list of Council Members of the HKIE for Session 2019/2020

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