02 May 2019
香港工程師學會 就處理特別會員大會事宜之最新情況
The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Updates on the Handling of Special General Meeting

(香港,二零一九年五月二日) 因應有會員要求召開特別會員大會,香港工程師學會 (下稱「學會」) 繼三月二十八日及四月四日發出新聞稿後,現交代有關進度及安排。














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(Hong Kong, 2 May 2019) Concerning the requisition for a Special General Meeting (SGM) by some members, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) issued press releases on 28 March and 4 April, and would like to give a brief account on the progress and the arrangement of the SGM.


The Council of the Institution holds a positive attitude in handling requests from Members. With a view to facilitate the convening of the SGM, the Council directed the Secretariat of the Institution to provide necessary assistance to the Members who raised the requisition for the SGM, and consulted the legal advisor in clarifying the related Articles of the HKIE Constitution. Past President Ir Peter Y Wong pointed out that since his appointment by the Council to handle all the procedures and arrangements for the SGM, he had immediately started the preparatory work in accordance with the Constitution of the HKIE.


Ir Peter Y Wong added that according to Article 25 of the Constitution, an SGM may be convened by the Council on the requisition of any 60 Corporate Members of the Institution. As stated in the Institution’s press release dated 4 April 2019, the Council has directed the Secretariat to clarify via email with the requisitionists for the SGM on their proposed agenda and process the authentication of membership status in order to ascertain that the criteria of having at least 60 Corporate Members for the said requisition has met in accordance with the Constitution.


Ir Wong said that to ensure procedural compliance of the SGM, the Secretariat has made great efforts to communicate with the Members since mid-February, and had drawn their attention that appointing representative in regard to the SGM requisition could help reduce the time that is required for communication and administration arrangements. The Secretariat has also been providing clerical assistance on the preparation of the agenda that should be capable of reaching a resolution at the SGM.


Unfortunately, the Secretariat has by far received less than 20 responses from the Members. To avoid delay on the subject matter, Ir Wong will propose to the Council that the Members should return their views with regard to the agenda by 15 May 2019. Ir Wong anticipated that upon confirmation of the agenda among requisitionists, the agenda shall be passed at a Council Meeting according to Article 25 and that it would take approximately 6 weeks from now up to end of June to submit the meeting documents and identify a venue for the meeting. As required by Article 26 of the Constitution, 28 days’ notice has to be given to members for Annual or Special General Meeting, and it is therefore expected that the SGM will be held in late July. 


The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers


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