27 June 2013
香港工程師學會新任會長陳健碩工程師 思維創新天 科技闖巔峰 Newly Installed HKIE President Ir Raymond CHAN Kin Sek High Gear for New Technology, a Mindset for Change

(香港,2013年6月26日) 香港工程師學會(學會)欣然公布陳健碩工程師於2013年6月25日舉行的第38屆會員周年大會上榮任第39屆會長。蔡健權教授、工程師則任期屆滿,成為上任會長。


陳會長強調「思維創新天 科技闖巔峰」將會是學會本年度的前進方針。我們面對一個瞬息萬變的環境,有效充分應用先進科技,對我們的工程專業發展越趨重要。有見及此,陳會長提到︰「工程業界多年來所本著的創新求變,持續改善的思維,將成為一股主要推動力。本年度將以提升先進科技,追求卓越工程為目標。透過互相交流知識,於不同範疇的工程項目上應用先進的科技,向大眾宣傳工程專業之訊息,從而提升工程師的專業形象。」



電話:2895 4446 / 6398 4599
傳真:2203 4133

1. 陳健碩工程師的簡歷
2. 二零一三至二零一四年度理事會名單

(Hong Kong, 26 June 2013) The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (The HKIE) is pleased to announce the installation of Ir Raymond Chan Kin-sek as the 39th President for Session 2013/2014 at The HKIE 38th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 25 June 2013. Ir Prof Choy Kin-kuen has become the Immediate Past President.

Ir Chan, the newly installed President, is dedicated to working hand in hand with members to achieve their common goals for the benefit and advancement of the Institution, the engineering profession and the community.

Ir Chan highlighted that "High Gear for New Technology, a Mindset for Change" will be the theme for the Institution for the year ahead. He emphasised that, with the fast changing environment around us, the application of new technologies in engineering practice has become more important and urgent than ever before. "Our members' well established 'change' mindset for continuous improvement is one of the important driving forces to enhance innovation in science and technology and their engineering applications. There will be a focus on engineering excellence during the Session 2013/2014. We aim to facilitate knowledge dissemination, to reach out to the community and other stakeholders by showcasing the application of technologies in various aspects of engineering and to enhance our professionalism," Ir Chan remarked.

With his strong credentials and prominent experience, Ir CHAN is well positioned in representing and leading the HKIE to reach new heights, particularly in the context of new technology advancement, to enable the engineering profession to meet the challenges ahead and to sustain excellence in the profession as well as the Institution in his term of presidency.

The AGM also announced that Ir Victor C K Cheung and Ir Chan Chi-chiu were successfully re-elected as the Vice Presidents and Ir Joseph K H Choi was elected the new Vice President in this Session. The five new Elected Ordinary Members of the Council are Ir CHAN Chau-fat, Ir Johnny C H CHAN, Ir CHOW Lap-man, Ir Alex K F KWAN and Ir Eva Y W MAK. Please refer to the attached full list of Council Members of the HKIE for Session 2013/2014.

For enquiries, please contact:
The Corporate Communications Section of the HKIE
Tel : 2895 4446/ 6398 4599
Fax : 2203 4133
Email : corpcom@hkie.org.hk

1. Biography of Ir Raymond Chan Kin Sek
2. Full list of Council Members of the HKIE for Session 2013/2014

Self Photos / Files - image002
Ir Raymond K S Chan, the newly installed President of the HKIE

Self Photos / Files - image004
The newly installed President of the HKIE, Ir Raymond K S Chan (left) and the Immediate Past President,
Ir Prof Choy Kin-kuen (right)

  Self Photos / Files - image006Self Photos / Files - image008
Ir Raymond K S Chan delivering his speech after the installation
Self Photos / Files - image010
The 38th Annual General Meeting of the HKIE

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