02 December 2022
香港工程師學會代表團訪問英國 The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers’ Delegation Makes a Presidential Visit to the UK

(香港,2022年12月2日) 香港工程師學會 (下稱「學會」) 代表團於12月3日至10日訪問英國,會長卜國明工程師率領訪問團拜訪當地多個工程專業團體,包括英國機械工程師學會(IMechE)、英國土木工程師學會(ICE) 、英國能源學會(EI)、英國工程師議會(EC)、英國特許屋宇裝備工程師學會(CIBSE)、英國工程及科技學會(IET)等,加強與海外工程業界的交流,就業內關注議題交換意見,並與英國能源學會續簽署資格互認和合作協議。訪問團亦會考察倫敦的重點基建項目。








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(Hong Kong, 2 December 2022) A delegation from The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (hereafter “the HKIE”) will be visiting the UK between 3 and 10 December 2022.  The delegation, led by the President Ir Aaron Bok Kwok-ming, will pay visits to several professional engineering institutions on the ground, including the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), the Energy Institute (EI), the Engineering Council (EC), the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).  In these visits, our dialogue with overseas engineering communities will be strengthened, views on issues that concern the industry will be exchanged, and the continuation of the Reciprocal Recognition Agreement (RRA) with EI will be confirmed.  The delegation will also make site visits to London’s key infrastructure projects.   


The itinerary for this visit is rigorous: one of the highlights is a seminar jointly held by the HKIE and the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office London (HKETO London) in Imperial College London.  In the seminar, our President and Mr Gilford Law, the Director-General of HKETO, will be sharing the current status of Hong Kong’s infrastructure projects and its developments in innovation and technology, the career prospects in the engineering industry, and Hong Kong’s public policies on attracting talents, among other things.  They will also be meeting students from Hong Kong who are reading for an engineering degree in the UK and the local students.


President Ir Aaron Bok said that “it is the HKIE’s wish, through this Presidential Visit to the UK, to consolidate and deepen our exchange of ideas with overseas professional counterparts.  Moreover, echoing the HKSAR Government’s talent-trawling policies, we wish to make it known to overseas engineers contemplating a career in Hong Kong, or current engineering students, that they are very welcome to seek professional development here.  The HKIE wishes to thank the HKETO particularly for the assistance, and we look forward to harvesting the fruits of the visit.”



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