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13 April 2019
香港工程師學會 「工程師體驗巡禮」

(香港,二零一九年四月十三日) 香港工程師學會 (下稱「學會」) 今天於香港理工大學 (下稱「理大」) 舉辦「工程師體驗巡禮」 (The HKIE Engineer Day) 大型活動。是次活動與理大合辦,也是香港科學館「2019香港科學節」活動之一。學會期望透過「工程師體驗巡禮」活動,加深大眾對STEM (科學、科技、工程及數學) 教育和工程專業的認識,啟發年輕一代的興趣,鼓勵他們未來投身工程界。


活動開幕典禮由教育局局長楊潤雄太平紳士;香港工程師學會會長余錫萬工程師;「工程師體驗巡禮」籌備委員會主席馬紹祥教授、工程師;香港理工大學 工程學院副院長 (教學) 林健文教授、工程師;香港理工大學建設及環境學院院長徐幼麟教授、工程師主持。主禮嘉賓用代表活力和能量的電池,點亮學會,特別為是次活動設計的機械人,象徵工程專業在打造我們的智慧城市所投入的熱誠和作出的貢獻。




「工程師體驗巡禮」活動內容具豐富的教育意義,當中學會安排了一系列「工程實驗示範」,讓參加者到訪理大的實驗室,參與部分實驗過程,從中理解AI (人工智能) 、VR (虛擬實景) 等科技,明白如何應用工程知識於日常生活之中。另外,「工程講座」安排專家學者講解有關工程科技和知識,令大家更深了解我們的智慧城市。同場亦有資深專業工程師為參加者講解工程專業的發展前景,並協助同學規劃升學路向。










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教育局局長楊潤雄太平紳士 (中);香港工程師學會會長余錫萬工程師 (左二);「工程師體驗巡禮」籌備委員會主席馬紹祥教授、工程師 (右二); 香港理工大學工程學院副院長 (教學) 林健文教授、工程師 (左一);香港理工大學建設及環境學院院長徐幼麟教授、工程師 (右一) 攜手主持「工程師體驗巡禮」活動開幕典禮。




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The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers “The HKIE Engineer Day”


(Hong Kong, 13 April 2019) The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) organised The HKIE Engineer Day at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) today. With the support of the PolyU as the co-organiser, this Event was part of the activities of the HK SciFest 2019 initiated by the Hong Kong Science Museum. The HKIE Engineer Day aims to enhance the public understanding of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education and the engineering profession, inspire the youth and encourage them to join the profession.


The Opening Ceremony was officiated by Mr Kevin YEUNG Yun Hung, JP, Secretary for Education; Ir Ringo YU Shek Man, President of the HKIE; Ir Prof Eric MA Siu Cheung, JP, Chairman of the Organising Committee for The HKIE Engineer Day; Ir Prof Kenneth LAM Kin Man, Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) of Faculty of Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; and Ir Prof XU Youlin, Dean of Faculty of Construction and Environment, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. At the Ceremony, the Officiating Guests lit up the robot mascots which were designed for this Event, signifying the passion and contribution of the engineering profession towards the building of our smart city.


Ir Ringo YU, President of the HKIE, said, “Innovation and smart city development has become a global trend. Hong Kong is committed to the development of infrastructure and the HKSAR Government is investing substantially to foster innovation and technology development. Under the impetus of the planning and development of the Guangdong-Zhuhai-Macao Greater Bay Area, the demand for engineering professionals is ever increasing. Having boundless creativity and potential, young people are the future pillars of the development of the industry and Hong Kong at large. It has always been the endeavour of the Institution to nurture young engineers. We support and promote STEM education, and have been organising different activities and competitions to arouse students’ interest in STEM especially in engineering. I hope that the diverse activities of The HKIE Engineer Day will enhance the younger generation’s understanding of the engineering profession and enlighten them to choose engineering as their career.”


The Event consisted of a variety of educational activities, including a series of “Lab Demonstrations” arranged for participants to visit the laboratories at the PolyU where they could observe and participate in some of the experiments and gain knowledge of technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence) and VR (virtual reality) as well as the daily life application of engineering knowledge. Moreover, a number of “Lectures” were provided with engineering experts sharing with the audience engineering knowledge and experience to enable them to have a better understanding of building a smart city. A career talk introducing how to become an engineer was also delivered, which offered insights to the career path of engineers and assisted students in their planning of further studies and career.


The Final of the “STEM Product Proposal and Design Competition” and the exhibition of the award-winning models from the “Smart City Model Design Competition” were also held. The former aimed to encourage secondary school students to identify and solve the challenges in their daily lives with STEM knowledge. The latter allowed primary school students to unleash their creativity and innovative ideas to design an ideal smart city with engineering knowledge. The innovative ideas of the students were fully demonstrated. Besides, there were game booths and informative exhibitions to enrich the participants’ experience in exploring engineering.


At the Closing cum Prize Presentation Ceremony, Ir Ringo YU, President of the HKIE; and Ir Prof Michael YAM Chi Ho from Faculty of Construction and Environment, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, presented the prizes to the awardees of the “STEM Product Proposal and Design Competition” and the “Smart City Model Design Competition” respectively. Ir Prof Eric MA in his closing remarks said, “The participating teams were completely absorbed in these two competitions. The submissions are all of high quality, and the ideas are innovative and practically considered at the same time. I am particularly glad to see their outstanding performance, which makes me look forward to their participation in the engineering industry in the future. The injection of this new energy and new thought will certainly promote the building of a better future for Hong Kong.”


The HKIE Engineer Day attracted many students, teachers, parents, and engineering and smart city enthusiasts. All guests and participants enjoyed a wonderful weekend at the Event. The Institution will continue organising events to promote the engineering profession, in order to sustain the prosperity of the engineering industry.


Self Photos / Files - HKIE_EngrDay_news

Mr Kevin YEUNG Yun Hung, JP, Secretary for Education (middle);
Ir Ringo YU Shek Man, President of the HKIE (left 2nd); Ir Prof Eric MA Siu Cheung, JP, Chairman of the Organising Committee for The HKIE Engineer Day (right 2nd); Ir Prof Kenneth LAM Kin Man, Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) of Faculty of Engineering; The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (left 1st); and Ir Prof XU Youlin, Dean of Faculty of Construction and Environment, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (right 1st) officiated the Opening Ceremony of The HKIE Engineer Day.



For media enquiries, please contact:


The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers

Corporate Communications Section


Tel: 2895 4446

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04 April 2019
香港工程師學會 就處理特別會員大會事宜之聲明(二) The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Handling of Special General Meeting Requisition (II)

(香港,二零一九年四月四日) 就處理特別會員大會事宜,香港工程師學會 (下稱「學會」) 繼於三月二十八日發出新聞稿後,現公布理事會已同意學會前任會長黃耀新工程師所提交的中期報告,接納按學會會章第二十五條,當有六十名法定會員皆一致提出相同並可適當執行的議程項目時起計,須在二十一天內決定是否應會員要求召開特別會員大會。學會已就此事諮詢法律意見,以期盡可能將各會員遞交的要求納入考慮及回應他們所提出的意見。




1. 學會於二月十二日收到第一份相關要求文件。
2. 文件所標示的遞交日期為二月二十二日。


收到相關要求的文件數目 76
於二月二十二日已獲核實身份之會員人數 30
於二月二十三至二十八日獲核實會員身份之人數 11
於三月一至三十一日獲核實身份之會員人數 13
會員身份不獲核實之人數 3
未能核實會員身份之人數 1
仍未回應會員身份核實要求之人數 18





  1. 在二月二十三日,即文件上所標示的遞交日期之後一天,共收到三十九份一併提交的要求文件,其中包括幾位在此事上曾屢次公開發言的會員。
  2. 前任會長黃工程師決定將該批要求視為「有效」,並認為其他會員於二月二十三日後提交的要求亦需按此原則接受。而黃工程師在部分會員於三月十七日舉行的記者會上,已提及將會就接受提交要求定下最後時限。
  3. 三月十一日收到最後一位會員提交要求文件。


收到相關要求的會員數目 119
已獲核實身份之會員人數 78
不獲核實之會員人數 3
未能核實會員身份之人數 2
仍未回應會員身份核實要求之人數 36






  1. 當初學會一早已留意到議程項目可能不適合召開特別會員大會而引致處理此事上比較複雜。
  2. 學會在首次與相關會員溝通時,已提及會員可自行決定會否委任代表,以協助會員有效及加快處理有關要求。
  3. 在完成所有會員身份核實程序之前,學會已開始對獲得核實身份的會員發出通知要求釐清會議議程。


截至三月三十一日 明確表示僅代表自己行事之人數 57
沒有明確回答有關代表事宜之人數 14
表示願意被委任為代表之人數 1
已委任他人為代表之人數* 6










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 (4 April 2019, Hong Kong) Further to the Press Statement on 28 March 2019 in response to the requisition of some members to convene a Special General Meeting (SGM), The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) is pleased to announce that the Council had approved the Interim Report prepared by Past President (PP) Ir Peter Y Wong, inter alia, in accepting the 21-day under Article 25 of the HKIE Constitution – within the period of which the Council is to resolve whether to convene a SGM as requested – to commence on the day that there exists, in concurrent, at least 60 Corporate Members with a consort and proper agenda. The Institution’s legal advisor was consulted on these in order to meet the underlying principle to include members who had taken the effort sending in submissions and to address all concerns raised, as many as possible.


The Council was informed there had been some delay in authenticating the submissions which were largely sent in isolation. The other complication currently at hand is that the proposed agenda were not proper for the purpose of convening SGM. The Council was also informed the legal advisor was instructed to draft a notice seeking due clarification from all authenticated Requisitionists on the agenda items.


The following factual information was only disclosed to the Council on 3 April 2019, for want of that prior disclosure of such before the Council reached its resolution could have been seen that discussions might not be purely based on procedural compliance or that it could have been subject to influence of initiatives that ought not to be considered.


By this Press Release, the HKIE is pleased to announce that the Council had further resolved 31 March 2019 would be the last day in accepting submission for this SGM request and any member who had done so on or before that day would also be counted as one of the Requisitionists upon authentication.



a. 12 February 2019 was the first day the HKIE received submission.
b. The Submission Form was dated 22 February 2019.


12 – 22 Feb Submissions received 76
12 Feb – 31 Mar Requisitionists authenticated on 22 Feb 30
Requisitionists authenticated 23–28 Feb 11
Requisitionists authenticated 1–31 Mar 13
Requisitionists NOT authenticated 3
Requisitionists - unascertained status 1
Requisitionists - No Response as on 31 Mar 18


 If the “closing date” for submissions were to be taken on 22 February as prescribed on the Submission Form, the SGM request could have failed with less than 60 members – as was subsequently the case at a total of 54 only.



  1. On 23 February, that is, one day after the prescribed date of 22 February 2019, the HKIE received the largest single batch of submission at 39, including some of the more vocal members.
  2. PP Ir Wong decided to include this batch as “valid” submissions and if so, there was no reason not to accept other late-comers. The message of the closing date of submissions would be decided soon was expressed at the Press Conference on 17 March held by a few Members.
  3. The last entry of submission received was on 11 March.


12 Feb – 11 Mar Submissions received 119
12 Feb – 31 Mar Requisitionists authenticated 78
Requisitionists NOT authenticated 3
Requisitionists - unascertained status 2
Requisitionists - No Response as on 31 Mar 36


Without the approval from the Council taking the cut-off date beyond 22 February, the HKIE simply could not confirm whether the criteria at 60 had been met in the interim period. What appeared to be a simple matter was actually impeded by the construction of the Submission Form and further delayed by some being vocal about the necessity of membership authentication. It must be added a substantial percentage of members did respond swiftly and a good percentage also responded after follow-up emails



  1. At the out-set the HKIE noted there were complications with the agenda items.
  2. With a view that appointing representative(s) could be conducive to expedite exchanges on Agenda items, all Requisitionists were asked their options in the very first correspondence, stressing that was not a prerequisite or suggestion.
  3. Before the authentication was completed, Notice of Clarification was sent to all authenticated members.


As on
31 Mar
Requisitionists explicitly declared representing own self 57
Requisitionists did not positively respond on representation 14
Requisitionists who wish to take lead 1
Requisitionists being represented* 6

 *Consequently, 3 Requisitionists representing 6 others.


From the responses, it can be seen the largest group at 57 clearly maintained no one would represent them. If one also takes in the 14 negative responses, the total is well exceeding 60. With that status, consensus among this group would be final.


This is the reason the HKIE is prepared and has to communicate to each Requisitionist, expecting a heavy clerical workload. As advised by the legal advisor, the HKIE reiterates only clerical assistance will be provided to collate inputs from members for re-distribution. This is the other reason that the HKIE had declined to meet with a few Members, said to be a Liaison Group, when request to show that the Group had authority to represent 10 to 20 Requisitionists was not met to make any such meeting more effective.


The HKIE is also pleased to announce as of date, the Council had not been asked to decide the deadline for reaching an agreed and proper agenda among the Requisitionists. With this lenient approach, the HKIE trusts all concerns would be addressed and that all members who have taken the effort in submitting their requests will be included.


The HKIE regrets to note some members had a different perception to the overall handling of the SGM requisition. And any allegation that the HKIE was taking doubtful or unnecessarily procedures in blocking the SGM was ill founded. The only reason, regrettably, is simply that there was a lack of the understanding of the prerequisite of General Meetings and the obscure and improper agenda items as worded.


The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers


Tel: 2895 4446
Fax: 2882 6825

28 March 2019
香港工程師學會 就特別會員大會事宜之聲明 The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers' Statement on Special General Meeting

(香港,二零一九年三月二十八日) 香港工程師學會 (下稱「學會」) 就近月有部分會員提交要求召開特別會員大會一事及媒體的相關報導,作出以下聲明。




此外,由於有個別會員表示他們僅代表個人行事,並無委任代表,因此,學會未能證實有個別人士聲稱已獲委任代表 116 或 120 名會員是否正確。學會尚等待其他有關未賜覆會員的回應,核實工作仍在繼續進行。因此,聯絡及處理所需的時間比預期為長。此外,考慮到有關數字有機會披露會員的個人資料,及影響學會處理是次要求的公正性,學會現階段不便透露已確認身份的會員人數。










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傳真:2882 6825



(28 March 2019, Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) has the following statement to make with regard to the requisition of some members to convene a Special General Meeting (SGM) and the related media coverage.


The HKIE noticed that some members hosted a press conference on 17 March, where they suspected that the HKIE kept delaying in handling the requests, and considered that the handling process was overly long and only focused on details. In fact, the Institution has been receiving the requisitions by individual members since mid-February. It should be pointed out that not all requests were submitted to the Institution on the same day, nor were they delivered by the same means; for example, there were requisitions through registered mails and emails. The Institution has subsequently followed up to contact each of the requesting members via email according to the membership record of the Institution, in order to authenticate their identities. Registered mails were sent to members who did not provide a contact email address to the Institution. During the authentication process, many members had responded swiftly. The Institution also received queries from a few on the necessity and with due explanations it was settled. However, there are still some who had not responded. A follow-up email or registered mail was sent with the hope to get in touch with these corresponding members. At the last counts, attention to emails and phone calls were over 500 occurrences in the last three weeks.


In addition, some individual members said they only represent themselves, and have not appointed any representatives, thus the Institution could not confirm whether the statement claimed by some that they represented 116 or 120 members was correct. The Institution is still awaiting responses from some members to continue the authentication. Furthermore, the Institution is unable to disclose the figures of members whose identity have been authenticated, considering the matter being relevant to members' personal data and may affect the impartiality in the handling of the requests.


The Institution had also carefully studied the submitted documents, and noticed that certain proposed agenda items are not appropriate nor actionable for decision at a SGM. Since SGM could not be convened without an appropriate agenda, requests for clarification on the agenda items were sent mid of March to the requesting members and legal guidance had been sought regarding the arrangement. The Institution cannot and should not make any suggestions in formulating the agenda but had promised to provide clerical assistance if requested by the members.


The HKIE welcomes views from members, and strictly follows the established procedures which have been effective in handling various requests. In particular one of the concerns was the procedures taken by the Institution was doubtful. Ir Peter Y Wong, Past President of the HKIE, when attending in person the aforementioned press conference, had explained the procedures of handling the requisitions and the SGM, reflecting that the Institution attaches high importance in handling members' requests.


The Council was aware of the underlying principle by Ir Wong in accepting the appointment to handle the matter was that he was to ensure all concerns are addressed and all members taking the effort sending in submissions were to be included. The Council was also informed that upon confirmation of at least 60 Corporate Members having proposed a common and actionable SGM agenda, the Council would have to, within 21 days, consider as to whether convening SGM on behalf of the Requisitionists in accordance with the Constitution. Such arrangement was also supported by the legal advisor.


Should there be any further updates on the convening of the SGM, members of the HKIE will be notified in accordance with the Constitution.


The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers

Tel: 2895 4446
Fax: 2882 6825


19 March 2019
香港工程師學會 頒發學會獎項予傑出工程師 The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Conferred Two Engineering Awards to Outstanding Engineers

(香港,2019年3月19日) 香港工程師學會 (下稱「學會」) 於2019年3月15日舉行的第44屆周年晚宴中,共頒發2項學會獎項予傑出工程師。陸珮群工程師獲頒本年度「傑出青年工程師獎」;而已連續第十二年舉辦的「香港工程師學會青年會員創意獎」,組別I由李嘉俊先生、蕭曉暉工程師、黃兆誼小姐及王悰彥先生奪得,組別II的得主則為羅柏希博士、工程師,施漢裕博士、工程師及黃龍工程師。


  • 傑出青年工程師獎2019















  • 香港工程師學會青年會員創意獎2019




組別 I —發明










組別 II — 創新應用


泥石壩的革新 – 強化氣候變化的應變能力














電話:2895 4446
傳真:2882 6825



(19 March 2019, Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) presented two engineering awards at the 44th Annual Dinner on 15 March 2019. The “Young Engineer of the Year Award 2019” was presented to Ir Clare P K Luk; and “The HKIE Innovation Awards for Young Members 2019” (Category I) went to Mr Nicholas Lee, Ir Stanley H F Siu, Miss Suye S Y Wong and Mr Jeremy T Y Wong, while “The HKIE Innovation Awards for Young Members 2019” (Category II) went to Ir Dr Raymond P H Law, Ir Dr Eric H Y Sze, and Ir Anthony L Wong.


  • Young Engineer of the Year Award 2019


This year’s awardee, Ir Clare Luk graduated from The University of Sheffield, the United Kingdom in 2008 with first-class honours in MEng in Mechanical Engineering. She then obtained an MSc in Building Services Engineering from The University of Hong Kong in 2012.


Ir Luk began her engineering career as a mechanical engineering graduate at the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) of the HKSAR Government in 2008. Taking up the position as an Electrical and Mechanical Engineer of the EMSD, she regulated the safety of lifts and escalators, and assisted in the law drafting of the new Lifts and Escalators Ordinance between 2010 and 2012. Her outstanding performance was recognised by the EMSD Director’s commendation in 2013.


Ir Luk was posted to the Gas Standards Office of the EMSD in 2012. She strives to safeguard public safety by enhancing gas safety control of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) vehicles through innovative engineering solutions. Her major contributions include the introduction of the security label system for LPG vehicle fuel tanks and the type approval of the new hybrid taxi’s LPG fuel tank.

Ir Luk is committed to serving the HKIE and the engineering profession. She delivered various talks to promote gas safety of LPG vehicles to the trade and public. She is an HKIE School Ambassador, and has been serving the Gas & Energy Division of the HKIE for more than 10 years. She was also one of the first six members under the President’s Apprentice Scheme, now retitled to the President’s Protégé Scheme.


Ir Luk devotes herself to serving the community. She has continuously served in the EMSD open days and safety carnivals to nurture the younger generations through education. Previously she served in the Activity Sub-committee of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and as a columnist in the SCMP Young Post Initiative. Ir Luk aspires to promote the beauty of engineering to the community.


This year, Ir Tang Whai Tak and Ir Wilson W S Wong were also presented with Certificates of Merit of the Young Engineer of the Year Award 2019.


  • The HKIE Innovation Awards for Young Members 2019


The Institution launched the HKIE Innovation Awards for Young Members in 2008, with the aim of encouraging young members to develop their creativity through the innovative application of engineering knowledge, and to inspire them to develop their intellectual and career interests in engineering. The Award is an initiative of, and receives generous support from the family of the late Ir Kenneth Au-yeung. Entrants can focus on any engineering discipline within the context of the HKIE. There are two main categories: Category I - An Invention, and Category II – An Innovative Application of Engineering Theories. The innovativeness of the design is assessed on its originality and creativity.


Category I - An Invention


Smart Fever Screening System for Boundary Control Points in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is one of the world’s major destinations for tourists and business visitors, with total passenger arrivals and departures at about 300 million each year. A team of four young biomedical and information engineers from the EMSD has developed the Smart Fever Screening System, a novel intelligent fever screening solution integrating artificial intelligence with thermal imaging. This invention helps better prevent infectious diseases from being introduced into or carried away from Hong Kong.


Existing fever screening measures adopted by the quarantine authorities of most countries, such as thermometers and thermal cameras, involve considerable manual input for operation. In addition, operators inevitably have close contact with travellers and are more prone to infection. The Smart Fever Screening System uniquely integrates thermal imaging, computer vision, and pattern recognition for reducing manual effort and effectively identifying useful thermal information related to fever. The automatic fever detection and tracking function not only assists to enhance health clearance efficiency at boundary control points but also lowers the risk of operators contracting infectious diseases. Other than boundary control points, the System can also be applied in hospitals, clinics, elderly centres and schools. A patent for the design of the system has already been filed.


Ir Stanley Siu, Miss Suye Wong and Mr Jeremy Wong currently work at the Health Sector Division while Mr Nicholas Lee works at the Digitalisation and Technology Division of the EMSD. The team developed this invention with the support from the Department of Health and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.


Category II - An Innovative Application of Engineering Theories


Revolution of Rigid Landslide Debris-resisting Barrier for Strengthening Resilience against Climate Change


Landslide is a global threat. In Hong Kong, reinforced concrete rigid debris-resisting barriers are commonly used to mitigate natural terrain landslide risks, particularly debris flows. The current design approach renders the rigid barriers relatively sizeable, unsightly and less constructible. Hence, a need to optimise the design of these barriers has been advocated.


Furthermore, multiple landslides with excessive volume could occur under extreme weather events. Instead of relying solely on hard measures, i.e. constructing taller and stronger barriers, a more pragmatic strategy would be to adopt state-of-the-art information technology to facilitate timely and appropriate emergency actions, viz., soft measures.


Three young geotechnical engineers proposed a new generation of rigid debris-resisting barrier in order to enhance resilience against extreme landslide events under the impact of climate change, which comprises a sharp change in the design philosophy against boulder impact scenarios for optimising the structural requirement of rigid barriers, and the deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) technology for immediate landslide detection for expediting emergency responses.


Ir Dr Raymond Law, Ir Dr Eric Sze, and Ir Anthony Wong are Geotechnical Engineers of the Geotechnical Engineering Office, Civil Engineering and Development Department, the HKSAR Government.


This year, the Certificate of Merit in Category I was presented to Ir Henry C B Au while Certificates of Merit in Category II were presented to two teams. The first team consists of Mr Martin S S Lam, Miss Michelle T F Law and Miss Karman K M Pang; the other team consists of Mr So Hon Lun and Mr So Tin Ching.


For media enquiries, please contact:


The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
Corporate Communications Section
Tel: 2895 4446
Fax: 2882 6825

18 January 2019
香港工程師學會 對沙中線項目紅磡站擴建部分專家證人供詞之意見 The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
Views on Expert Witnesses’ Assessments regarding the Hung Hom Station Extension Construction Incident

(香港,二零一九年一月十八日) 香港工程師學會 (下稱「學會」) 留意到專家證 人已向沙田至中環線項目紅磡站擴建部分的連續牆及月台層板建造工程調查委 員會 (下稱「委員會」) 作供,並對相關的內容有以下意見。


經參考專家所提交的證供及已公開的資料後,學會認為港鐵在項目管理、溝通 (包括港鐵內部及港鐵與政府和總承建商方面) 和檔案紀錄的表現應須加強。根據目前所得的證據,學會認同專家的評估,東西走廊月台層板、連續牆和南北走廊底部的建築結構符合安全,雖然當中的施工質素存有疑問。爲此,於策略評估建議中的第三階段,或需考慮月台層板增設加強措施。






學會認同專家所指出的東西走廊月台層板和連續牆的接駁位在其永久運作的情 況下,層板底部處於受壓狀態 (即連接位呈扣緊趨勢) ,而頂部處於受拉狀態 (即 連接位呈拉開趨勢) 。就專家證人報告指出,位處於東西走廊月台層板與連續牆接駁位底部的螺絲帽並不會受拉,學會表示認同。即使鋼筋並未完全扭入螺絲帽,東西走廊月台層板將合符安全。


因是項重大的新鐵路工程項目將為數百萬人服務,我們明白公眾非常重視其安全 性。目前而言,學會經檢視委員會 (或專家報告) 所披露的資料後,認同專家證人供詞內容所指,東西走廊月台層板可合符安全。學會希望此聲明有助釋除公眾疑慮,並期望港鐵繼續落實相關程序,完成紅磡站擴建工程全面評估策略建議中提出的評估工作,以進行第三階段的設計分析,制定修復措施,並向公眾就事件作進一步解釋。




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(18 January 2019, Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) notes various expert witnesses presented to the Commission of Inquiry (COI) on the Diaphragm Wall (D-wall) and Platform Slab Construction Works at the Hung Hom Station Extension under the Shatin to Central Link Project (SCL), we would like to express our views on various expert witnesses’ assessments.


With reference to the testimonies and information provided by various expert witnesses, we concur that MTRC’s project supervision, communication within MTRC and between MTRC and the Government and its main contractor, as well as documentation should be strengthened. Based on the evidence presented to date, we agree with the assessment carried out by the experts that the structures of the East West Line (EWL) slab, D-walls and lower North South Line (NSL) are safe despite the standard in question. To account for the question in standard, some strengthening measures might be required in some areas of the slab to be determined in Stage 3 of the Holistic Proposal.


Our view has been formed based on a few key features of the engineering works addressed by the experts. They include the levels of reserve capacity provided in the station design, the extent of the engagement of couplers, and the investigation works carried out at this stage.


On reserve capacity, according to information provided by the experts, there is presence of significant reserve capacity in EWL platform slab at east D-wall connection. We note the reserve capacity provides the margin that can mitigate the question in the standard and we agree with the experts’ testimony that there is adequate reserve capacity in the EWL slab and D-wall connections.


As pointed out by the experts and as we concur, the interface between the EWL slab and D-wall, the bottom of the slab is always in compression (joint trying to close) and the top is always in tension (joint trying to open) in the permanent operation state. We concur with the expert witnesses’ reports that the couplers in the bottom mat of rebar at the EWL slab and D-wall interface would not be in tension. The EWL slab would be safe despite the question in standard with respect to full engagement of the couplers.


The HKIE understands that for a major project that is to serve millions of people in the future, it is natural that the public attaches great importance to the new rail link’s safety. After review of the information disclosed at the COI (or in the Expert Reports), we concur at this stage with the expert testimonies that the EWL platform slab is safe. By way of this statement, the HKIE hopes that this statement helps alleviate public concern while MTRC is continuing with the verification necessary for completion of the assessment and identification of strengthening measures in Stage 3 of the Holistic Proposal for the Verification and Assurance of As-constructed Conditions and Workmanship Quality of the Hung Hom Station Extension. Further clarifications could then be provided to the public over this Incident after completion of Stage 3 of the Holistic Proposal.


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