13 October 2017
The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers welcomes the engineering-related initiatives and measures as laid out in the 2017 Policy Address

The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) welcomes the initiatives and measures as laid out in the 2017 Policy Address, which covered the engineering-related aspects including innovation and technology, Smart City, land and housing supply, building safety, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education and the Belt and Road initiative, in order to promote the development and improve the livelihood of citizens in Hong Kong.


In particular on the topic of wide public interest relating to the Administration’s support for non-profit-making organisations to explore the feasibility of constructing pre-fabricated modular housing on idle sites, the HKIE is of the view that such construction method for building transitional housing could be one of the viable solutions to addressing the current housing shortage in Hong Kong.


The mode of “factory assembly followed by on-site installation” could be a possible means to provide cost-effective constructions which overcomes site constraints and boosts productivity. It is observed that such construction method has already been practised in other countries such as the UK and Singapore in recent years, which demonstrates its construction effectiveness.

To achieve the best results from modular construction, good project management and planning, as well as stringent quality control of the pre-fabricated building parts are required. Under this context, the building quality and safety of construction site could then be enhanced, with the construction lead time being shortened.


The HKIE is eager to share our engineering expertise and provide professional views to the Administration and relevant organisations to facilitate effective implementation of the modular construction methods, which brings the supply of high-quality transitional housing to our community in the near future.





香港工程師學會 (下稱「學會」) 歡迎「行政長官2017施政報告」中提出的工程相關措施,涵蓋了不同工程領域包括創新及科技、智慧城市、土地和房屋供應、樓宇安全,STEM (科學、科技、工程及數學) 教育和一帶一路倡議,以促進香港持續發展及改善民生。


其中近日公眾關注的議題 – 政府考慮協助非牟利機構研究在閒置土地興建預製組合屋,學會認為以「組裝合成」建築方法建造過渡性住屋,可為解決現時香港房屋短缺的其中一個可行方案。







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