Hong Kong Engineer

The Hong Kong Engineer is the official journal of the HKIE and is published by Printers' Circle Ltd at the beginning of each month.  The latest issue of the journal will be posted on the online version from 15th of every month.


Hong Kong Engineer is available online for members viewing anytime, anywhere. Not only the current issue, but also the past issues are accessible through the web-based version of Hong Kong Engineer at http://www.hkengineer.org.hk or the flip version archived at HKIE eBookshelf in the Member Login Area of the HKIE website. Please read the Journal online today!


In tandem to this, enhancement of the digital version of the Journal would be introduced with an easy-to-read presentation. Please stay tuned!


If members wish to read the digital version only and not to receive the printed copy of Hong Kong Engineer, please indicate your preference at the Member Login Area or via the QR Code below.

Self Photos / Files - qrcode-rd-ma

For enquiries, please contact hkengineer@hkie.org.hk.


Editorial contents of the Hong Kong Engineer consist of the following:

  • The Dragon and the Beaver - an editorial column prepared by the Secretary
  • Update - news of projects and engineering developments
  • Letter to the Editor - readers' feedback
  • Cover Story - in-depth feature of an engineering project or trend
  • Engineers and the Environment - addresses environmental issues, technologies and the role of engineers in environmental improvements
  • Technology Focus - technological developments of interest to engineers
  • Feature stories on engineering topic
  • Institution & Division Activities - reports of activities organised by the Secretariat or Divisions/Committees, such as the annual ball, workshops, seminars, technical visits, etc
  • Notice to Members – an occasional column for publicising miscellaneous information such as member subscriptions, CPD requirements, changes in policies, etc
  • General Information - a contact list of the Council Members, Division Chairmen, Discipline Representatives, and Overseas Chapter Chairman (only available in print)
  • LegCo News from the Engineering Constituency's representative's update on his work


Editorial contributions are mostly welcome.

Article for consideration for publications should be submitted to editor@hkie.org.hk. Advertising and subscription rates are available on request from Printers’ Circle Ltd. Please refer to the contents page of the Hong Kong Engineer for full details.