Members' Development - CPD

The HKIE CPD Definition


"Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of relevant knowledge and skills, and the development of these qualities necessary for the successful carrying out of professional duties throughout an engineer's career. In this it is aimed at enhancing individual worth and thus corporate performance."


CPD applies to both Corporate Members and to engineers in the pre-Corporate Member stage.

Continuing Professional Development is an ongoing necessity in the ever changing technological world in which we live. The practising professional engineers should aim to remain competent throughout their working careers so that they can properly carry out their various duties. To this end engineers need to take opportunities to update their depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise and to develop those personal qualities required to fulfil their roles in industry and in society.


CPD covers matters of direct technical relevance as well as broader studies also of importance to the HKIE members in the furtherance of their careers such as communication, environmental matters, financial management, leadership skills, legal aspects, marketing, occupational safety and health and professional ethics.


The format of CPD activities can include but not limited to participating and organising of courses, lectures, seminars/symposia, conferences, presentations, workshops, industrial attachment and visits, e-learning and professional activities.


They may be provided by the HKIE Divisions, the engineering industry itself, and a variety of other organizations.


The HKIE specifies a minimum formal CPD requirement for those at the pre-Corporate Member stage and its policy is to strongly encourage CPD thereafter. The CPD record will be taken into account when considering any application for Fellowship.


The benefits of CPD are not easily quantifiable but none-the-less real. The HKIE CPD policy is based on the conviction that CPD is of value to its members, to the profession, to industry and to society.


Role of HKIE


The HKIE policy recognizes that HKIE should act as a CPD co-ordinator and facilitator in the way to better serve its members. In this:

-   to first and foremost find out what kinds of CPD are needed by our members.
-   to give a lead in the promotion of CPD.
-   to act as a focal point in the collection and dissemination of CPD information.
-   to organize CPD activities such as lectures, seminars and workshops to meet the needs of our members and the society.


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