Course Code: CPD0907/2022
GPM: General and Professional Matters
H&S: Health and Safety including Occupational Safety and Health
OTM: Environment, Information Technology, Quality and Other Technical Matters not directly related to a Trainee's own discipline
Course Name
Advanced Quality Circle Facilitator Course (TQC4)
19 September 2022 (Mon)
9:30am - 5:00pm
Organized by
Accredited Certification International Ltd
Unit 1901, 19/F, Yen Sheng Centre, 64 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
HK$1,660 (HK$1,460 for HKIE Member)

Today, TQM is strategic quality initiatives that would use logical thinking methods and guideline-principles as the basic for organizations’ sustainable improvement.  Handling a series of complicated problems is the required ability of most of the entrepreneurs and managers. No matter how complicated the issues are, there are always solutions to the problem. But what the matter is whether the methods to solution are appropriate.  The new seven QC methods are suitable for handling the above problems. (The new seven QC methods focus on quality analysis, which is different from traditional data-based QC), this method would rearrange language data to graphs, which would be used in solving problems to reach goals. Through the application of the new seven QC method, management personnel can quickly identify the sources of problems from the complicated management situations. It can also tackle the sources directly, and quickly plan out different possible solutions. The methods could be easily learned and are easy-understanding tools. On the aspect of daily work application, it is simple and easily learned by the public. For professional application, it is a scientific practical. Knowing it well can strengthen the logicality and problem solving ability of affairs analysis, and this could finally implement the TQM.


The feature of the course is to let the participants learning different “Know How” methods through stepwise learning and participation. It will also give assistance to the internal part of the enterprise to implement different management systems, so as to improve the management quality within the company, and finally they could apply the quality improvement methods!1. Learning how to simplify the complicated data, thus transforming them into systematic and effective information by application of graphs.2. Improving the ability of identifying, controlling, analyzing and tackling the problems.3. Improving the quality and management ability to strengthen the competitiveness and operating ability of the enterprise.

  • The characteristics of the new seven QC methods
  • Affinity Diagram~Identifying the problems from complicating situations
  • Relation Method~using the cause and effect relationship to find out suitable strategy
  • Systematization Diagram~use systematic method to identify major and minor systems
  • Matrix Diagram~use diversify thinking to clarify the problem
  • Arrow Diagram~using appropriate schedule to carry out high efficiency management
  • Process Decision Program Chart~diverting problems to the expected results along the process
  • Matrix Data Analysis Method~Control the core factors
  • How to apply the new quality control method to tackle the management problem efficiently



Certificate of Successful Completion will be awarded to delegates

who have attended full course


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