The List of Awardees

The HKIE Gold Medal

2022 /
2021 Ir Prof Norman KO Wah Man
2018 Ir Prof W K CHOW
2017 /
2016 /
2015 Ir Sir Gordon WU Ying Sheung
2014 Ir Dr Andrew CHAN Ka Ching
2013 Ir James BLAKE
2012 /
2011 Ir Prof KO Jan Ming
2010 Ir Prof CHAN Ching Chuen
2009 Ir Prof LEE Chack Fan
2008 Ir Prof CHOW Che King
2007 /
2006 Ir Prof the Hon Sir Charles KAO Kuen
2005 Ir Dr CHENG Hon Kwan

The HKIE Award (renamed as the HKIE Gold Medal in 2004)

1996/1997 Ir James BLAKE
1995/1996 Ir Dr NG Tat Lun
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