President's Message

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Dear members,


I am deeply grateful for the trust the Council has placed in me by appointing me as the new President for the remainder of the term for Session 2018/2019. It is my honour and privilege to accept this position.


I know it is a significant commitment, particularly in the midst of challenging times for the Institution and the profession. But I am prepared to contribute along with our Officers, the Council and all our members to continue to fulfill the Institution's mission to support, promote and sustain excellence in the engineering profession.


Since 8 August 2018, the Institution has been dealing with circumstances that are of unprecedented nature. Hundreds of comments were received from members at large within a week or so. The Institution has been allowed extremely short time to respond to all the arising issues. I must express my appreciation to Immediate Past President Thomas who has led us to respond quickly and get through each of the issues facing us within such a short time. Our Council Members have provided tremendous assistance over the past couple of weeks. It was no easy task for them, and our fraternity has truly demonstrated. As members have been duly informed in one of our previous announcements, I can assure you, the Executive will formulate plans and actions as per resolved by the Council at the end of August 2018 in an appropriate, orderly and timely manner to let the Institution to continue to move forward.


Members are our greatest strength. Nothing is more important than our solidarity and engagement in ensuring the Institution to strive for excellence. I have a passionate belief that by aligning our common goals and working together, and by building on the strong foundation of our engineering home created by the talent and effort of our members, we, as professional engineers, no doubt can advance and improve the Institution and the society against all odds.


In the coming months, I am determined to collaborate with all members and the Secretariat to carry out the ongoing and planned initiatives for the Session. I, together with the Officers, will be committed to taking forward the initiatives that have been launched in the Session including providing support to STEM education, promoting the image of the Institution and engineering, and encouraging the development of members as well as other new activities.


And now, with an open mind and heart, I am always prepared to listen to your views and discuss with you on the development of the Institution and the profession at all levels. We must join hands and work together to support, promote and protect our profession.

Ir Ringo S M YU