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Dear members


The Hong Kong Engineers Week 2024 (HKEW 2024) culminated in the resounding success of the career fair at The University of Hong Kong on 21 March. This marked the end of several months of planning and execution, during which an activity line-up was carefully tailored to inspire interest in our profession. The overwhelmingly positive reception from our members, students, and the public is a testament to the dedication and effort put into HKEW 2024. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors, and OC Members, for their invaluable contributions, each of which played a unique role in the success of HKEW 2024.


We have catalogued the events at HKEW 2024 in the hope that we may thereby do full justice to these contributions. On 15 March, for example, we published a special commemorative booklet with event highlights. There are also a photo gallery on the HKEW website and an event report in this month’s issue of Hong Kong Engineer, our monthly Journal. I am sure they will be well worth your time. For my part, poring over them has reinforced my conviction that engineering needs not be a daunting vocation, as so many think it is.


It is with great joy that I report the outpouring of support that we have received for our 46th Annual Dinner on 15 March. Over 900 members and guests were in attendance, and I felt inexpressibly privileged to be the one who presented, in these esteemed attendees’ presence, this Session’s HKIE Awards, which included the Honorary Fellow, Gold Medal, President’s Award, Young Engineer of the Year Award, and the Grand Award. Once again, my heartiest congratulations to these deserving awardees. 


On 26-27 March, Immediate Past President Ir Aaron Bok, Senior Vice President Ir Eric Ma, Vice President Ir Prof Frank Chan, Chief Executive and Secretary Ir Prof Alfred Sit and I, along with many others, attended the Mainland and Hong Kong Construction Forum 2024 in Guangzhou. The Forum has long been recognised as the premier platform for cross-regional construction industry professionals to engage in open and constructive exchanges. It was particularly satisfying to see that, in this first forum following the pandemic, Ir Prof Chan delivered a thought-provoking speech on the topic of "新質生產力—建造業工業化" and brought valuable insights relevant to the future of the Greater Bay Area (GBA).


Championing Hong Kong beyond the confines of East Asia—casting it in a more positive light abroad—has always been a priority with the Institution. In the months following, we will be sharing our city’s stories more frequently and assertively with our counterparts overseas. We will be strengthening our dialogue with our fellow travellers in the international engineering community through two visits, one to Canada and the other to Australia. Immediate Past President Ir Aaron Bok will rise to the challenge by heading the Canada visit on 8-11 April, whereas Vice President Ir Alice Chow and I will take on the outreach mission to Australia sometime around late May.


Venturing abroad can also mean learning from others’ experience.  I certainly learnt a lot about sustainable urban development from Sweden, a leading country in that field, during the Young Members Committee’s (YMC’s) overseas delegation from 29 March to 7 April, which I had been cordially invited to join. Sweden’s sophistication in urban planning, energy utilisation, transportation management, waste disposal, among many other key areas, has provided inspiration and an encouraging example for those of us in Hong Kong who strive to achieve the same.


While the past month saw HKEW 2024 winding down and other new initiatives rushing in, it also brought in, for two consecutive days, two additional instalments for the President’s Forum Series. In the session on the 18th, themed “How an aircraft is made and certified”, speakers from the academe and the industry spoke perceptively on C919 certification and other aviation topics to our tremendous benefit. The session on the 19th tackled “New Industrialisation”, a topic much in vogue among engineers looking to open up innovative avenues to contribute their expertise.


I am grateful to all of you for having accompanied me, as far as you did, on this rewarding though sometimes trying journey of advancing our profession. It would be redundant to put yet another unnecessary stress on just how much your support matters to me, and so I will leave it at that for now. 


Ir Dr Barry LEE Chi-hong


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