The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
39th Annual Dinner
18 March 2014
336_DSC_1538 337_DSC_1541 338_DSC_1543 339_DSC_1544 340_DSC_1548 341_DSC_1550
342_DSC_1552 343_DSC_1553 344_DSC_1556 345_DSC_1557 346_DSC_1559 347_DSC_1561
348_DSC_1563 349_DSC_1565 350_DSC_1567 351_DSC_1570 352_DSC_1573 353_DSC_1575
354_DSC_1577 355_DSC_1580 356_DSC_1582 357_DSC_1584 358_DSC_1587 359_DSC_1588
360_DSC_1590 361_DSC_1595 362_DSC_1597 363_DSC_1603 364_DSC_1608 365_DSC_1612
366_DSC_1616 367_DSC_1618 368_DSC_1621 369_DSC_1625 370_DSC_1628
The photos available here are intended for participants of the HKIE Annual/Dinner to view and download for retention.
Reproduction of any of these photos for publications or media communications should be subject to the approval of the HKIE with a prior notice.
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