The HKIE Media Luncheon 2017
(19 September 2017)
Group photo.jpg P9195527.jpg President.jpg DSC07637.jpg DSC07641.jpg DSC07646.jpg
DSC07665.jpg DSC07668.jpg DSC07669.jpg DSC07684.jpg DSC07710.jpg DSC07724.jpg
DSC07725.jpg DSC07730.jpg DSC07732.jpg DSC07741.jpg DSC07746.jpg DSC07817.jpg
DSC07818.jpg DSC07839.jpg DSC07841.jpg DSC07843.jpg DSC07844.jpg DSC07845.jpg
DSC07855.jpg DSC07857.jpg
The photos available here are intended for participants of The HKIE Media Luncheon 2017 to view and download for retention. Reproduction of any of these photos for publications or media communications should be subject to the approval of the HKIE with a prior notice.
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