Digital City refers to a connected community that combines sound information infrastructure and innovative services solutions to meet the needs of governments, citizens and businesses. Various information including financial, communication, transportation, tourism, healthcare and public services etc. become an important part of a digital city, which work together to form a cyberspace serving the community. In respect to public services delivery, the development of digital city for Hong Kong becomes increasingly important to support and provide continuous quality services to citizens in accommodating the public needs. The success of such development relies on the application of engineering best practice which includes the application of techniques, methods and processes in delivering more effective ICT solutions to a digital city. The Conference enables policy makers, government officials, engineers, professionals in ICT and relevant fields to present their views and share their success stories and experience in the application of engineering best practice and the latest development of ICT solutions in various areas.


  • Promote and develop the application of ICT in an engineering approach to benefit the community.
  • Invite experts and award winners in the field of ICT to share their success stories.
  • Discuss and explore sustainable solutions in meeting the challenges of providing better public services.
  • Provide a high-level discussion forum for the very latest developments and innovations in ICT and applications of Hong Kong and nearby regions.
  • Deliver a stimulating, intellectually challenging and enlightening technical programme in the diverse areas of ICT that is relevant to engineers and public services sector.
  • Attract inspirational keynote speakers who are leaders in the key aspects of ICT.
  • Encourage diffusion, innovation, attractive and efficient application of ICT in developing a digital city.
  • Assist and promote the exploration and dissemination of the ICT in potential relevant fields.
  • Encourage improved education as a means of involving young people in the many facets of ICT.
  • Promote the public interests in the development and application of ICT.

Area of Topics

The Conference will address the application and research in ICT on the following areas of topics:

  • E-Government
  • E-Business
  • E-Health
  • E-Society
  • Transportation