Dear members,

Walk with You – In Time of COVID-19

In February, I wrote to you on the actions taken by the Institution in response to COVID-19 and my appeal to members to support the CIC’s Campaign to help those registered construction workers in Hong Kong at this difficult time. Separately, we have also written to the Permanent Secretary for Development (Works) expressing our support to the Government on the initiatives taken to assist the communities in combating the challenges ahead and also updating them on the work that the profession have put in and offering them possible solutions that could help in supplementing the current negative – pressure hospital facilities.

The Institution has kept close watch on the development of COVID-19. photo 1 In the past few weeks, there was global outbreak and global infections rise to more than 200,000 and according to news, more reports of foreigners seeing Hong Kong being one of the safe harbours from the coronavirus is emerging. This is the result of cooperation of the Hong Kong people, different professions and the Government in fighting against the virus.

In early March, the Institution accepted the invitation from the Law Society of Hong Kong to participate in the production of a song named “疫境同行” with a hope to fill everyone with positive energy to fight against the virus. Representatives from the medical, legal, architectural and accounting professions and local singers have joined to sing together to cheer up the community. When we sang “不眠 堅守勇氣服務百萬人 / 盡力守護人”, we are truly grateful for our medical professionals’ selfless contributions, their perseverance in serving the community, and their courageous spirit to guard the public against the disease. I am glad to have represented the Institution in this meaningful cause.


Surgical masks have been in high demand in the local community in the past two months. masks donation We are grateful to Ir Dr The Hon W K LO, Representative of the Engineering Functional Constituency of the Legislative Council, who has generously passed the donation of 3,000 pieces of masks from the Chairman of the Contractor’s Authorised Signatory Association and another 70,000 from other anonymous donors to members of the HKIE. We are thankful to Ir Dr LO for the arrangement.


In this challenging time, I appeal once again to all our members to support the CIC’s Campaign to help those registered construction workers in Hong Kong. Up-to-date, we have received donations from members with a total sum of HK$103,800 and as I have indicated in my last message, I will personally make a dollar-to-dollar matching donation on the total amount raised from members for this Campaign at a maximum amount of HK$300,000. A list of donors is attached for your information. I will make the first batch of donation to CIC before end of March 2020 and please join hands together with the industry to support the Campaign.

Full details of the Campaign and donation form could be found on the CIC’s website at To gather the donations from members for my matching donation, please send your completed donation form together with your cheque (the cheque should be made payable to Construction Industry Council) to Ms Chris KWONG, Senior Manager – Finance and Administration of the HKIE, 9/F Island Beverley, 1 Great George Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, and we will forward all our donation to the CIC later in the month.

An Anti-epidemic webpage has been set up to facilitate members’ and public understanding of the contributions the Institution and its Divisions have made in relation to combating the spread of COVID-19 in recent months. Please visit the website at

Last but not the least, I wish you and your families good health and hope that the epidemic would be soon be under control.

Ir Ringo S M YU


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