Dear members,

The Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia in the Mainland and Hong Kong is affecting all of us now not only to our health but also our daily life and the livelihood of workers in different industries. Workers in the construction industry are one of the affected groups who suffer the most as they are usually employed on daily wage basis and they are now facing underemployment. With a view to supporting workers affected by the epidemic, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) has just announced the launching of “Construction Industry Caring Campaign – Fight against Novel Coronavirus” (Campaign) which will provide monetary assistance and caring support to the registered workers who are infected with novel coronavirus or quarantined due to the disease. The CIC is now gathering real estate developers, construction companies, subcontractors, material suppliers and workers who are relatively better-off to help raise funds with a preliminary fund-raising target at HKD20 million, according to CIC.

We, as engineers, should give full support to the CIC’s Campaign to help those registered construction workers in Hong Kong at this difficult time. I write to appeal to all of you to join hands with the industry to participate in the Campaign by making donation. To encourage members to raise fund for the Campaign, I personally shall make a dollar-to-dollar matching donation on the total amount raised from members for this Campaign at a maximum amount of HKD300,000. Full details of the Campaign and donation form could be found on the CIC’s website at To gather the donation from members for my matching donation, please send your completed donation form together with your cheque (the cheque should be made payable to Construction Industry Council) to Ms Chris KWONG, Senior Manager – Finance & Administration, 9/F Island Beverley, 1 Great George Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, and we will forward your donation to the CIC together with my donation in one go later on.

We look forward to your generous support to the construction industry and let us join hands to help Hong Kong fight against the challenge.

Ir Ringo S M YU

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