Supporting HKIE

Having headquartered at Island Beverley in Causeway Bay since 1985, we observe the need to expand our operation so as to sustain our quality services to members. As such, the HKIE has purchased another premise to provide additional meeting facilities for the increasing number of HKIE activities. To this end, HKIE members, associates and friends are always welcome to contribute to our development in the form of donation of resources, including funds.


The Institution wishes to thank all those who have contributed and pledged so generously to the future development of the Institution.


Donors for the Institution’s Accommodation

Naming Right for Meeting Rooms

Company/Member Amount HK$
CHAN Yee Man 3,000,000
James CHIU 1,000,000
Dragages Hong Kong Ltd 900,000
Analogue Holdings Ltd 820,000
Chun Wo Construction & Engineering Co Ltd 800,000
Hsin Chong Construction Group Ltd 800,000
Paul Y Engineering Group Ltd 800,000

Companies donating

Company Amount HK$
K Wah Quarry Company Ltd 1,000,000
MTR Corporation 200,000
The Hongkong Electric Co Ltd 153,000
Access Consulting Ltd 150,000
CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd 150,000
The HK & China Gas Co Ltd 150,000
Hager Electro Ltd 110,000
ATAL Data Centre Infrastructure Ltd 100,000
Ove Arup & Partners HK Ltd 100,000
Skyforce Engineering Ltd 100,000
Unistress Building Construction Ltd 80,000
Chun Wo Development Holdings Ltd 60,000
Hong Kong Construction Association 60,000
Nixon Technology Co Ltd 60,000
Polygon Cable Supplies Ltd 60,000
Schneider Electric (Hong Kong) Ltd / Schneider-Ligman-Wing Tong-Tachibana 60,000
Hsin Chong Group Holdings Ltd / 
Hsin Chong Aster Building Services Ltd
Keystone Electric Wire & Cable Co Ltd 50,000
Parsons Brinckerhoff (Asia) Ltd 50,000
Shui On Construction Co Ltd / Shui On Building Contractors Ltd 50,000
Siemens Ltd 50,000
Welcome Air Tech Ltd 50,000
Alliance Contracting Co Ltd 30,000
Chevalier International Holdings Ltd 30,000
Chun Lee Engineering Co Ltd 30,000
Cold Magic Efatar (HK) Co Ltd 30,000
Drillcut Ltd 30,000
Fraser Construction Co Ltd 30,000
Gammon Construction Ltd 30,000
Hip Hing Construction Co Ltd 30,000
Hong Kong Construction (General Builders) Ltd 30,000
Kembla (HK) Ltd 30,000
Kingsfield Engineering Ltd 30,000
Kum Shing Group 30,000
Lik Kai Engineering Co Ltd 30,000
Mechanical & Electrical Golfers Society 30,000
Shinryo (Hong Kong) Ltd 30,000
Shun Yuen Construction Co Ltd 30,000
Technicon Engineering Ltd 30,000
The Janel Group of Hong Kong Ltd 30,000
Trane 30,000
Trustful Engineering & Construction Co Ltd 30,000
Yeung Kwong Construction & Engineering Ltd 30,000
Yordland Engineering Ltd 30,000
Wong & Ouyang (Building Services) Ltd 21,500
Chat Horn Engineering Ltd 20,000
Che Luen Electrical Engineering Co Ltd 20,000
China Harbour Engineering Co Ltd 20,000
Dunwell Industrial (Holdings) Ltd 20,000
FSE Engineering Group Ltd 20,000
Junefair Engineering Co Ltd 20,000
Meiden Pacific (China) Ltd 20,000
Ray On Construction Co Ltd 20,000
REC Engineering Co Ltd 20,000
Trevi Construction Company Ltd 20,000
Wo Hing Construction Co Ltd 20,000
Ryowo (Holding) Co Ltd 15,000
Gason Electricial Contracting Ltd 10,000
LMM Consulting Engineers Ltd 10,000
Metrix Engineering Co Ltd 10,000
PC Lam & Associates Ltd 10,000
PYPUN-KD & Associates Ltd 10,000
Bun Kee (International) Ltd 5,000
Entente Contractor Co Ltd 5,000
Holda Engineering Co Ltd 5,000
Sing Fai Construction Ltd 5,000
Westco Airconditioning Ltd 2,000

Divisions/Committees/Clubs donating

Division/ Committee/ Club Amount HK$
Civil Division 500,000
Building Division 202,250
Structural Division 150,000
Building Services Division 100,000
Geotechnical Division 100,000
Fire Division 60,000
Environmental Division 48,000
Manufacturing & Industrial Division 33,800
Gas & Energy Division 30,000
Safety Specialist Committee 30,000
Veneree Club 30,000
Control, Automation & Instrumentation Division 20,000
Materials Division 20,000
Mechanical, Marine, Naval Architecture & Chemical Division 20,000
Nuclear Division 20,000
Electronics Division 10,000
Golf Society 10,000
Toastmasters Club 10,000
Student Chapter - Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Tsing Yi) 2,000
Associate Members Committee 750

Members donating

Diamond donors (HK$200,000 or above)  
CHU Pui Kwan Reuben  
LEUNG Kwong Ho Edmund  
YU Shek Man Ringo  
Platinum donors (HK$100,000 or above)  
CHEUNG Chi Kong Victor  
CHIK Wai Keung Stephen  
CHOI Kin Hung Joseph  
KWAN Yuk Choi James  
LO Wai Kwok  
Malcolm John MATTHEWS  
WONG King  
Gold donors (HK$50,000 or above)  
CHAN Chi Chiu  
CHAN Kwok Cheung Thomas  
CHAN Sau Kit Allan  
KO Chi Wai Gary  
LEUNG Chi Ming Joseph  
LEUNG Kwok Kee Leo  
NGO Siu Hing Simon  
WU Ying Sheung Gordon  
YAM Kong  
Silver Donors (HK$20,000 or above)  
C C C  
CHAN Kam Yin  
CHI Wuh Jian Joseph Duncan  
CHOY Siu Chung Adam  
LAU Kei Man Thomas  
TSE Kui Philip  
TSUI Hon Yan Paul  
WAN Chi Tin  
WONG Chi Ming  
Bronze donors (HK$10,000 or above)  
CHAN Fan  
CHEUNG King Wah Victor  
CHOW Che King  
CHU Wing Kin  
FONG Wai Man Edmond  
HON Chi Keung  
KONG Hin Kee Henry  
LAU Ching Kwong  
LAU Ka Po  
LO Chung Yiu John  
NG Yee Yum  
NIP Kam Fan  
POON Wai Yin Paul  
TAM Wing Yeung Vincent  
WONG Siu Han Rex  
WOO Hon Yue  
WU Chung Keung  
YU Kam Cheong Nelson  
YUEN Chu Pong  
Other members donating    
Walter AU
CHAN Chau Fat
CHAN Chi Kwong
CHAN Chi Leung Theodoric
CHAN Chi Ming Saulomon
CHAN Chin Lok Bosch
CHAN Hung Cheung Stephen
CHAN Ka Chung
CHAN Kar Lock Eric
CHAN Kin Kan
CHAN Lok Heng
CHAN Loong Geoffrey
CHAN Ming Yee
CHAN Nga Kit
CHAN Po Nam Carl
CHAN Po Sum David
CHAN Yiu Hon
CHAU Kwok Ming
CHEUNG Shuk Fan Jennifer
CHEUNG Siu Wa Morris
CHEUNG Yuen Fong
CHING Kam Hung Raymond
CHOI Man Fai
CHOI Seng Hon
CHOW Ming Kuen Joseph
CHOY Kin Kuen
CHU Kei Ming
CHU Yim Kwong
CHUNG King Chien
FONG Hok Shing Michael
FU Tsun Hao Alex
FUNG Kwok Fai
HO Sai King
HO Wai Hung
IP Yuk Keung Jay
KAN Yim Fai
KWAN Cheuk Hei Crystal
KWAN King Fai Alex
KWONG Man Kin Martin
KWONG Nga Chui Amy
LAI Hon Chung
LAI Yuen Fai William
LAI Yuk On
LAM Chun Ho Thomas
LEE Hang Ling Shirley
LEUNG Chi Hang
LEUNG Hei Man Candy
Joseph LEUNG
LEUNG Kwun Wah Stanley
LEUNG Man Yee Mandy
LEUNG Man Yuk Stanley
LEUNG Sin Tung Natalie
LEUNG Wing Hong
LI Kwong Ho
LO Chun Wai David
LO Man Lap Samson
LO Wai Chau Edward
LO Yiu Cheong Joseph
MA Pak Fai
MA Tin Wai Yvonne
MAK Ka Chun
MAK Ka Wai
MAK Shu Hei
MO Kin Wang
MOK Kai Tung Bosco
PANG Wing Shun
PANG Yiu Hung
PONG Chong Edward
POON Chi Hong
POON Kwok Ying
SHIU Siu Ming
SIT Wing Hang
TAI Tak Him
TAM Sze Wai
Andrew TING
TONG Ka Hung Edwin
TSA Lai Chu
Smith TSAI
TSANG Kwok Leung
Alfred WONG
WONG Chi Leung
WONG Chun Yu
Harvey WONG
WONG Ho Shun
WONG Kam Hay
WONG Kam Yin
WONG Kin Tam
WONG King Keung
WONG Lap Chi
WONG Sek Cheung
WONG Wai Ping
WONG Wing Chung Leo
WONG Yin Kai
WU Chi Fai
YAM Chi Yeung
YAU Po Yui
YEUNG Fei Jenny
YEUNG Hok Hang
YEUNG Luk Chuen Tommy
YIP King Yan June
YIP Man Ho Tommy
Michael M S YIP
YU Ka Fai Howard
YUEN Sui Cheung Johnny
YUEN Tat Yung
ZA Wai Gin Tony
ZHU Yan Ni

Interest-free loan from Member

  Amount HK$
LEUNG Kwong Ho Edmund 1,000,000