Implementation of the policy and direction of the Council and urgent matters arising between Council meetings shall be dealt with by the Executive, which shall comprise the President, who shall be the Chairman; the Immediate Past President, the Vice Presidents, three Council members, normally belonging to different disciplines, to be elected by the Council, and the Chief Executive and Secretary.

Membership of the Executive for Session 2017/2018
Ir CHAN Kwok Cheung Thomas
Immediate Past President
Ir Dr CHOI Kin Hung Joseph
Senior Vice President
Ir Dr Philco WONG
Vice Presidents
Ir YU Shek Man Ringo
Ir Dr YUEN Pak Leung
Executive Members
Ir HO Siu Kwong
Ir TONG Sidney Pui Keung
Ir YIM Wai Kit Ricky
Ir Raymond CHAN Kin Sek
Ir Prof CHOY Kin Kuen
Ir Prof Adam CHOY Siu Chung
Ir HON Chi Keung
Miss Marion KAN Ka Wing
Ir Dr LO Wai Kwok
Ir Peter Y WONG
Chief Executive and Secretary
Mrs Monica YUEN