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Project Title: Lamma Power Station Extension - Gas-fired Combined Cycle Unit 9
Project Owner / Government Department: The Hongkong Electric Co Ltd
Location: Lamma Power Station Extension
Consultant(s): Projects Division, The Hongkong Electric Co Ltd
Contractor(s): - Mitsubishi Corporation
- Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd
- Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
- Taihei Dengyo Kaisha Ltd
- Paul Y Construction Co Ltd
Commencement Date: May 2002
Completion Date: October 2006
Project Description: In the mid-1990s, The Hongkong Electric Co Ltd (HEC) identified the need for a new power station to sustain the social and economic growth of Hong Kong as it enters the 21st century. To minimise the environmental impacts of the new generating facilities, HEC decided to adopt the gas-fired combined cycle technology for its new power station. Following a comprehensive site search study, HEC decided to construct the new power station (Lamma Extension) on a piece of reclaimed land connected to the south of the existing Lamma Power Station.

The first 335MW unit (Unit 9) in Lamma Extension is a single-shaft gas-fired combined cycle unit with core equipment including Mitsubishi M701F package type combustion gas turbine unit, a heat recovery steam generator and steam turbine unit. Adopting advanced gas turbine with Dry Low nitrogen oxide technology and high efficiency triple pressure with reheat steam cycle system, Unit 9 can achieve a very low nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide and particulate emission and hence reduce the overall pollutant emission from Lamma Power Station.

Unit 9 was synchronised on 28 July 2006 and will be put in commercial operation in mid October 2006.
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