Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee
A. Introduction to the Committee
The ADR Committee is responsible to the Learned Society Board for all matters relating to arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, and in particular relating to the engineering profession.


To promote the use of appropriate forms of dispute resolution mechanisms for handling construction disputes;


To promote knowledge sharing and transfer about various forms of dispute resolution mechanisms;


To facilitate the provision of training on basic knowledge on the various forms of dispute mechanisms;


To advise the Institution on arbitration and alternative dispute resolution matters; and


To co-ordinate and communicate with the Institution members who have experience in arbitration or on matters relating to alternative dispute resolution.

Composition of Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee



Appointed by the Council

Deputy Chairman


Elected from Committee Membership



Up to eight members appointed by the Council from Institution Members who have experience in arbitration or ADR

Co-opted Members


Not more than three members approved by the Learned Society Board
Two Council Members appointed by the Council



Elected from Committee Membership



Three members

B. List of Committee Members
C. HKIE List of Arbitrators and Mediators

The ADR Committee maintained a HKIE List of Arbitrators and Mediators to facilitate the referral of arbitrators and/or mediators should requests for referral be received.

Please refer to the "Call for Applications" for the requirements and application procedures via the following link:

D. Direct Professional Access to Barristers for Corporate Members of the HKIE

Corporate Members of the HKIE may instruct Hong Kong barristers directly for advice and appearance in tribunal proceedings in accordance with the Code of Conduct of the Hong Kong Bar Association.

To enable members having a better understanding on the direct professional access arrangement, the Task Force on Direct Professional Access to Barristers under the ADR Committee has prepared the Guidance Notes for members' reference.

Please click here for the Guidance Notes.

E. Events and Activities
  1. Upcoming Events
Date Event Types Events
12 evenings starting from 18 May 2018 Course

FCIArb Course for HKIE Members

(Co-organised by The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers and The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (East Asia Branch))

  2. Past Events









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