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Ethics Plus decision-making model
How to apply professional ethics at work

Ethics Plus decision-making model

The ETHICS PLUS decision-making model outlines the thinking processes and standards that can be used by engineering professionals to arrive at a chosen course of action in a structured and systematic way. The essence of the model is described below:

The ETHICS process - six major steps to follow
Establish the relevant facts and identify the ethical issues involved
Take stock of all the stakeholders or parties involved
Have an objective assessment of each stakeholder's position
Identify viable alternatives as well as their effects on the stakeholders
Compare and evaluate the likely consequences of each alternative with reference to the standards expected (the PLUS factors below)
Select the most appropriate course of action

The PLUS standards - four key factors to consider
Professional/trade-related/company codes of conduct
Legal requirements: are any laws being broken, e.g. the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance, Theft Ordinance, Criminal Procedure Ordinance, etc.?
Uncompromising self values; e.g. honesty, fairness, trustworthiness, etc.
Sunshine test; i.e. whether the issue can be discussed openly and the final decision disclosed without any sense of misgiving


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