.: Introduction

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of the present day that demands our immediate and significant action. To meet this challenge, the 15th Conference of the Parties (COP 15), commonly known as the Copenhagen Summit, was held in Denmark in December 2009. The conference produced a non-binding Copenhagen Accord with global consensus mainly built around the need to stay within 2 °C below the pre-industrial level to avoid dangerous human interference with natural systems. As a follow up action, the COP 16 will be hosted by Mexico in November 2010 to strengthen global cooperation to combat climate change. Pursuant to this background, the Conference on Climate Change – Hong Kong Engineers’ Perspective organised by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers will be held on 18-19 October 2010 to collate and formulate views on the role of Hong Kong as a regional entity in addressing climate change for submission to COP 16.

The Conference will be open to leading scientists, engineers, environmentalists, economists, academics, journalists, representatives from business, civic communities, legislatures, agencies who care about the future well-being of the earth.

.: Aims

The Conference provides a platform to explore the scientific, technical and socio-economic and environmental issues relevant to the understanding of climate change in a global and regional perspective, to assess its potential impacts, to propose mitigation and adaptation measures, to attract inspirational keynote speakers who are leaders in the key aspects of climate change and to promote the public interests in sustainable environment and climate change issues.

Delegates would seize this opportunity to collate insightful views and strategies during the Conference and formulate a road map for Hong Kong COP 16.

.: Area of Topics

The Conference will address the climate change on the following areas of topics:

  • Global and Regional Perspectives in Climate Change
  • Carbon Emission Controls in Building, Energy and Transport Infrastructures
  • Carbon Capture and Off-Setting
  • Mitigation and Adaptation of Climate Change
  • Road Map for Hong Kong to COP 16 in Mexico